Lost: Season 3 Finale: Through the Looking Glass

I’ve been thinking about the Season 3 finale of Lost. Wow!

Yes, I’m a hardcore Lostie. I’ve been hooked since the first show. The only reason I ever got cable was because I’d moved to an area that didn’t have clear enough reception to pick up ABC but I didn’t want to miss an episode of Lost.

My wife and I were a little worried about the viability of the show after Season 2. Season 2 had so many rabbit trails and utter pointlessness that we wondered if they would cancel the show without giving us some sort of resolution. Couple that with the crazy decision to scramble reruns of Lost in with the new shows so that no one knew what next week might bring – a decision that stripped the show of all but desperate, die hard fans like my wife and I. We hoped for better from Season 3, despite all evidence to the contrary. We were introduced to the Hatch and the Tailies, neither of which lasted past that awful season. We were elated to hear that ABC plans to keep Lost on the air for 2 more seasons. After last night’s episode, let’s just say I’m suffering from PLSD [Post Lost Season Depression].

Thoughts on the Episode in General :: This show rocked. Lost is back!!!

The episode’s title, “Through the Looking Glass,” is an obvious reference to Lewis Carroll’s book by the same name. Like Alice, the Losties have just potentially entered a dark, mirror world as the show enters Season 4 via the Looking Glass.

Hurley was awesome! Fat guys to the rescue! Sawyer’s turning really mean on us. Jack’s pride is gonna get everyone killed already. As if the body count for this episode wasn’t high enough. How many Others are left anyway? Locke didn’t have the nerve to kill his father, so I was pretty sure Jack was safe, too. Jack loves Kate, but he’s kissing Juliette. What’s up with that? Sad to see the Rock Star die, but who can say if the Island won’t miraculously raise him up again? If Mikhail can do it, I say Charlie should get another chance too. Just don’t bring back Shannon or Boone! Speaking of comebacks, that’s probably not Walt; it’s probably just another Island manifestation.

Thoughts on Dark Future :: Dark Future is just my term for the strange flash forward that we were treated to in this episode. I wonder if it’s real or if it’s just flashes of possibility like Desmond’s visions of Charlie. I’m leaning toward flashes because there are a ton of difficulties in getting the Losties back to the Island if Kate, Jack and anyone else are physically trying to get back to the Island.
– Jack – Jack Shepherd is tortured by whatever happened to him between the call he made to Naomi’s ship and his pill-popping future. He’s a suicidal addict. He’s estranged from Kate, but nonetheless arranges to meet with her at the airport “at the usual place.” He’s a “hero twice over,” creditd apparently with getting the Losties rescued. He makes reference to Christian Shepherd as if he’s alive, but the producers have definitively stated that Jack’s father is dead, so unless we’re being treated to an alternate timeline with both an alternate future and past [like a train switching tracks] I’d have to say Jack was just spouting off under the influence of his favored drugs. He desperately wants to get back to the Island because he’s “tired of living a lie.”
– Kate – Kate is with someone that she feels will not take kindly to her seeing Jack. It’s probably Sawyer. Her reaction to the news clipping/obituary was just wrong for the deceased to be James Ford. John Locke would make more sense for her “why would I go to his funeral?” attitude.
– The Departed – Who was in that coffin? Someone died. The shots I’ve seen of the news clipping show that the departed’s name begins with a “J.” John Locke is my best guess.

Thoughts on Season 4 :: I personally think that Season 4 will concentrate on the Dark Future we were introduced to in this episode. I think it will concentrate on what happens as a result of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 being rescued. [Dark Future Jack comments to Kate, “We weren’t supposed to be rescued.”] I think we’ll find that everything is wrong on the other side of the Looking Glass and that the Losties will need to get back to the Island to fix everything. Since what we’re seeing is a “flash forward” [The funeral home’s name featured in this episode is an acronymn for “flash forward.”] it’s hard to say whether this Dark Future will actually ever occur or whether the Losties will somehow be given insight ala Desmond’s flashes into the possible future. I’m banking on the latter theory.

Thoughts on Season 5 :: Season 5 will likely concentrate on righting the future given in Season 4, but that’s just my theory.
We do know that Season 5 will be the series finale, so it’ll be hot, whatever it is!

I can’t wait for next season!!

Sirius Knott


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  1. EDD says:

    i reckon that the flash roward is another few months or even a year in the future not long after thay got recued because jack didnt look old so it could be that they dont get rescued at the naomi point but a long time after wards and also ive read somewhere that season 4 will explain alot about the 4 toed foot seen at the end of season 2 by syeed sun and jin so…….
    email back

  2. Alan says:

    Yeah, it was definitely a goosebump finale! Interested to read your theories, i was saying the same thing in work today (i live in Scotland and we got that episode on Sunday night on Sky One) that Desmond could be flashing forward (my girlfriend, bless her, thought that Jack could see the future and got confused as to why he wasnt taking the opportunities to stop this future from happening. oh dear.). Anyway, their is a theory that because the producers said that we would know why their are 48 episodes left in the whole of Lost that it will be 24-style, with the last 2 days with the rescue as the climax as one episode= one hour. Its a theory, but god i hope it is wrong!

  3. Nathan says:

    Just so you know, there are going to be 3 more seasons, with 16 episodes each, not 2 with 24.

  4. Chase says:

    When Kate and Jack were at the airport, Kate says “why would i go to THAT funeral”, which tells me that the writers dont want us to know whether or not the funeral was of a man or a woman. But if you saw that the name on the paper started with a “j”, then it opens up the oportunity of being juliettes funeral.


    Has anyone else noticed the coffin looked rather short? It appeared too short to be a man- perhaps a child?

  6. Sirius says:

    I’d have to look at the episode again. Not sure on this one.

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