If Evolutionists Were Smart…

I know. I know. Most of the current scientific establishment, Big Science if you will, the intelligensia, allegedly the greatest minds of our time are supposed to be evolutionists. And here I am, crackpot creationist extraoridinaire, suggesting that they aren’t all that smart. They’re not. I’m not even sure we can reasonably grant that they’re […]

The Church of PZ “Wackaloon” Myers & Ideological Child Abuse

Yes, the title of this blog is inflammatory. Yes, it’s on purpose. I hope I have your attention. Recently, I made a comment defending Ken Ham after PZ Myers of Pharyngula fame called him a “wackaloon” and then invited “millions” [dream on, PZ. Neither you nor Darwinism is THAT popular] of others to pour some […]

PZ Invites Insult to Ken Ham. My Response.

Recently, PZ Myers of Pharyngula fame called Ken Ham a “wackaloon.” Understandably, Mr. Ham called him to the mat for his lack of professional courtesy [You see, professionals attack the subject matter, not the person they’re debating.] and for his lop-sided bias against Christians. [The only intolerance still allowed.] Ken Ham’s rebuttal is priceless, btw. So […]